Hi, I'm Mike Pachulski!

Mike Pachulski's Bio:

Mike Pachulski is a Social Media Specialist and Producer who specializes in online branding, digital media coordination, web content management, and social media marketing. He founded Atomic Man Productions in 2013, where he continues to work today.

Mike Pachulski's Experience:

  • Band and Orchestra Sales Associate at Washington Music Center

    I work within the Band and Orchestra department at Chuck Levin's Washington Music Center. Our department has established itself as one of the top sources for band instruments in the nation. We operate internationally as well as within the country, and have helped to outfit bands in countries from all over the world.

  • Sales Associate at Music and Arts Center

    Part time sales/retail work. I was the highest selling part time salesman in the entire region for a good portion of time there!

  • Chief Marketing Officer at RoomieHub

    I currently handle the marketing development needs for RoomieHub in our start-up phase.

  • Founder and President at Atomic Man Productions

    I created Atomic Man Productions as an outlet for all of my business and creative endeavors, including music and website production as well as artist management and event coordination.

Mike Pachulski's Education:

  • University of Maryland College Park

  • University of Maryland University College

    Concentration: Marketing

Mike Pachulski's Interests & Activities:

I am a student studying Marketing at the Robert H. Smith School at the University of Maryland. Currently, I do freelance social media and marketing consulting for companies, film projects, websites, and individual professional profiles. In my spare time (good one!) I enjoy targeting shooting, archery, hiking, camping, canoeing/kayaking, music, and reading. I have a dog and a cat, I got my Eagle Scout in 2011, and I own a 16 foot canoe that doesn't get used nearly as much as I'd like it to.